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We could put text here about their beer. Here's the description from Bogside:

Crisp and clean. A timeless classic. Make your story the stuff of Legends.


Montague, PE

Bogside Brewing

We could add a description about Bogside and how they partnered with The Local to make The Local Legend beer.

Local Brews On Tap


Rose Valley, PE


Founded in 2011 by father and son duo Hughie and Don Campbell, Barnone was transformed from a three-generation cattle farm into an award-winning micro-brewery. In November of 2021, a group of Islanders banded together to buy Barnone, investors who are all community-focused and have success expanding family-run businesses.


Montague, PE

Copper Bottom Brewing Company

Copper Bottom Brewing is a craft brewery owned by husband and wife team Ashley Condon and Ken Spears, both of whom share a passion that spans more than a decade for craft beer and music. Since 2003, Ken has been developing recipes with a plan to open a craft brewery. Today, the husband and wife duo are pleased to share their award-winning beer with Islanders.


Caledonia, PE

Double Hill Cidery

In 1993, the Farm, settled by the MacDonald family and named Double Hill for its ravine that dissects the land into two hills, was purchased by the Manago family. We are now growing cider apples on both sides of the ravine, from which we make old world and new world ciders. We also make North American ciders, not bound by tradition and free to experiment with many different ingredients.


Borden-Carleton, PE

Lone Oak Brewing Co

Lone Oak Brewing Co is a locally owned and operated, forward-thinking, craft brewery with a focus on innovation and quality while striving to use local ingredients. Lone Oak Brewing Co is excited to be bringing top-quality products and service to consumers from PEI and around the world.


Charlottetown, PE

Prince Edward Island Brewing Co.

Our people, our culture and our landscape shape what the PEI Brewing Company is today. Established in 2013, the PEI Brewing Company currently brews and distributes the Gahan line of handcrafted ales, the After Hours Series of seasonal beers, Colliding Tides Gin & Vodka coolers and Beach Chair Lager.


Charlottetown, PE

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Upstreet Craft Brewing started as most beer companies do — a few buds sitting around slugging back homebrew and talking big game of dropping it all to open a brewery of our own. Today, Upstreet is a B-Corp certified company with three locations across two provinces, a line of craft sodas, and beer on shelves in all four Atlantic provinces. We hope to continue to grow and refresh our communities.

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